Staying connected in a socially distanced world

Lately, many of us have experienced bouts of loneliness or melancholy as a result of our missed connections. But while COVID-19 has certainly exacerbated the problem, wide-spread loneliness is not a new phenomenon. According to a January 2020 survey of 10,000 American adults, 61 percent— or roughly three in five — reported feeling lonely.¹ Major factors including a lack of social support and too few meaningful social interactions.

Healing in all directions

When you set out to climb a steep slope, the most expedient route isn’t a straight line toward the peak. Instead, you zig and zag, gradually making your way upward at an incline that’s sustainable. Though at times it might feel like you’re moving sideways or even backward, all along you’ll still be making your way forward and up. Healing, like climbing, is rarely a direct path upward. While it’s natural to want to keep track of your progress, it isn’t always obvious and on some days you might...